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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What currency are your items priced with?

All items are in priced in Singapore dollars (SGD). For overseas buyers, you can change your currency at the top right hand corner just below the bar. If your country's currency is not available, do feel free to contact me because we do ship worldwide!

What are the products made of?

All products are made of high quality polymer that has been baked and glazed for durability. Ear studs are stainless steel.

Are they all handmade?

Yes! All of them are handmade from scratch. Every piece is carefully molded and sculpted to make it as realistic and possible. It is then baked and glazed before it is turn to your desired jewelry.

Will my item look exactly like the picture?

Do note that everything in Gemnesis is completely handmade by hand. Thus, there will be a slight difference  in all the items such as different positioning of the sprinkles or the cream in a different shape. But that's the beauty of handmade items every piece is uniquely different. Rest assure that all products will be carefully check and only products deemed beyond acceptable will be send to you.

 Photography and lighting

All items in the picture may have a slight colour difference due to lighting. We will try our best to ensure that the picture is as close to the original as possible.

 Caring for my jewelry

All my products are made using polymer clay that is baked and glazed for durability. It will be able to withstand accidental drops and minor hits. However do note that pulling, rouge usage or delibrate force on it can cause damage. 

To prolong its lifespan, avoid wearing it when showering, swimming or exercising. After every wear, wipe the metal part of the earrings down with alcohol rub and store it nicely in a container.

Discount codes 

Do note that all discount codes are not applicable for all sale items and customisations. Gemnesis reserves the right to make any changes for all discounts. Customers will be informed if any changes are made.