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About me

The Creator

Hi! My name is Geraldine, the creator behind every miniature in Gemnesis. My love for polymer clay started when I was about 15 after I stumbled upon an online video on polymer clay.  I bought my first starter kit and got down to creating my first animal figurine according to the instructions found in the kit. The rest is history.
Like many artists, I struggled to find what I wanted to do. I made figurines, clay dolls and animals, but those never worked out. A food lover, I decided to work on creating food theme items which were close to my heart. I excelled in it and this made me more passionate in creating more.
I started creating desserts I love and moved towards replicating local goodies Singaporeans love. However, my passion still burns brightly in beautiful and colourful desserts.

The brand

I established Gemnesis in 2015 focusing on the food/dessert theme. Gemnesis originated from the word Genesis, which means creation. This mirrors my belief of how each of my creations are gems to me and I hope that they too become gems to you as well. Just like how gems are greatly treasured, my hope is for my treasures to make you feel treasured too.
What sets my brand apart from other clay artists in Singapore is how my miniatures range from food that Singaporeans love to a variety of desserts that are enjoyed by people all around the world. 
Additionally, I wanted my brand to be even more special. I wanted to create items that are one of a kind, each unique in its own way. My passion did not allow me to just create food and desserts that we all know too well. Thus, I created the Sweet Tooth Maniac Collection in which every piece is special and exclusively designed by me. The Unicorn cakes which were later introduced were made solely based on my own colour themes. 
In a world that is becoming more creative in the food we eat, the 'food' that we wear should not be limited as well. My dream is to create a food haven for all food/dessert lovers.
For past collections of my Sweet Tooth Maniac Collection:

My Products

Every piece in Gemnesis goes through a 5 step process :

1. Research

I search for the latest trend and desserts that would fit my brand. Brightly coloured and adorable desserts are my first go to for inspiration.

2. Design

I prefer to add my own design and style to each piece unless they are traditional food such as Ang Ku Kueh or ice cream flavours. I like to play around with colours and insert my own flair in each piece.

3. Trial and Error

A process of trail and error starts in bringing my ideas to life. This can be the longest most frustrating step as failed attempts can be demoralising.

4. Final Product and Testing

After the final product is done, it will be checked for durability such as if the pieces placed on the final product will break off easily. Sizing will also be done to see if it is the right size for earrings or necklaces.

5. Launch

Lastly, product pictures will be taken and edited before it is launched on my website. The creating then starts again.


Thank you so much for all you support and have a great shopping experience!