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Sweet Tooth Maniac Collection- Thoughts and gratitude

The sweet tooth maniac collection was launched last week and the success of it has left me in tears of gratefulness and happiness. The support shown by all of you is so important to me. The immediate sale of one of the milkshakes (Pastel milkshakes was sold within minutes of uploading. It came as a big shock to me as I have never experience that before. 

I played with the idea of crazy milkshakes when it when viral on the internet and there were no limits to what can be placed on them. Fast forward a few months, I finally got down to creating the first two milkshakes which to be honest did not receive the kind of attention I thought they would. I pressed on and created the next few. To my surprise, it brought up my followers on instagram and I received my first sale for the milkshakes. The gratitude I feel cannot be fully explained in words.

I will continue creating one of a kind milkshakes and hopefully make them more special for everyone. With this, I thank everyone of you for your support, the love you showed for my jewellery, kind words and positive customer feedback is what I need to press on.

Milkshakes are one of a kind so most of them are sold out. The two milkshakes and ice cream are still available in my sweet tooth maniac collection.

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