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Sweet Tooth Maniac Collection

I started my Sweet Tooth Maniac collection because I wanted to create dessert pieces that were my own designs or colour themes. I chanced upon desserts that people were making such as their crazy milkshakes, which gave me the starting idea for this collection. 

I moved away from my comfort zone where I always had a real dessert to reference to.  I wanted this collection to be special. Something that you couldn't walk into any bakery and find it. Something that no one can find from any other polymer clay artist. To make it even more special, I created only one piece for every design so no one else will have what you have bought.

Every design was carefully thought out and planned before creating the actual small pieces that will slowly form the final product. The items in this collection gave me more satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment than any other items I made.

Sending away each piece is so much more  bittersweet because of the attachment I have to each of them and also the fact that I will never see them again. However, knowing that they are sent to loving homes to people who truly appreciate them is a strong sense of comfort.

Below are the pieces that have been sent to loving homes:

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